Successfullydelivered andinstalledin theGreekmarketa three-axes grinding surfaceshigh precisionautomaticpillartype, model FSG 2060ADIII  of the houseChevalier.

Some ofthe technical anddesign features of themachineare:

• Max. grinding capacity1.500mm x 500mm x 730mm

• Automatic TFT screen, graphics card and


• The bodyismade ​​ofrigid and high dense cast iron.

• Verticalaxisservomotorwithpositioning accuracy0,001mmandMPG

• The speed of the crossed displacement is controlled by inverter and ball screw to maintain constant cutting

speed for a better finish, and an inverter control for the speed of the spindle wheel.

• The axisof the head is based on5 bearingsClass 7 (P4)

• The table is set with proximity switches.

• ThedoubleV guide ways which are laminated with Turcite-B and thecontinuouslubricationguarantee

the accuracy of positioningandsmooth and accurate movement.

• Over wheel parallel dresser with automatic dress compensation

The machine immediately after installation was put into operation, was tested for its accuracy and joined the

Production line.

For more information please contact the company:

ROPI Machine Tools StathisTsampeloglou & CO.