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  1. ρεκτιφιε


      Parameters Unit KGS1224AH KGS1224AHR KGS1224AHD Working Surface of Table mm 300×600         (12″×24″) 300×600         (12″×24″) 300×600         (12″×24″) Max.Table Travel mm 660 660 660 Max.Cross Travel mm 340 340 340 Distance…

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  2. Z3050X16

    Specifications: Item Unit Z3050x16 Max. drilling diameter ( iron/steel) mm 50/35 Distance between spindle center to column max./min mm 1600/360 Spindle box travel on the…

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  3. GEM500II Milling and drilling

  4. TPX6111B/2 Boring

    Specifications: Item Unit TPX6111B TPX6111B/2 TPX6111B/3 spindle Spindle diameter mm 110 Spindle Taper Morse No6 Max. spindle Torque N.m 1225 Max. spindle thrust N 12250…

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  5. RMC130

    Features: The automatic longitudinal and cross feed can be achieved by mechanical feed device. Hardening guide way supplies the excellent anti-friction. The milling head, mounted…

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  6. KMD150

    Specifications:   Item Unit KMD150 Table size Mm 1500×320 Table travel Mm 600x300x300 Spindle taper ISO40 Max. drilling diameter Mm 50 Spindle travel Mm 120…

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  7. CAK50135

    Features: gear box in headstock make the machine with high cutting force automatic change of speed grade among the 3 steps by the CNC control…

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  8. CW-6280

    Specifications:                                     Model Items CW6280B/CW6280C Max. swing over bed Φ800mm Max. swing over carriage Φ480mm Max. swing in gap Φ1100mm Effective gap length 310mm Max.…

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  9. τορνος


    Main features: Harden guideway with HRC52 -Convenient and concentrated operation design with rapid feeding device -Powerful feeding box for heavy turning -Change gear for special…

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  10. CAK 6180 di

    Items Units CAK80 Max. swing over bed mm 800 width of quide way mm 600 Max. work piece length mm 1500/3000/5000 Max. cutting length mm…

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