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  2. Installation of CNC

    Successfully delivered and installed in Papadakis Bros store a new CNC lathe from ZMM type C832C in addition to their product line of machines. Some…

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  3. New Sail

    Successfullydelivered andinstalledin theGreekmarketa three-axes grinding surfaceshigh precisionautomaticpillartype, model FSG 2060ADIII  of the houseChevalier. Some ofthe technical anddesign features of themachineare: • Max. grinding capacity1.500mm x…

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  5. HURCO VMX 42Ti Machine Center

    Hurco Press Release / Greece – HURCO Model VMX42ti The Koufos machine shop is a traditional third generation machine shop of Piraues industrial area which is…

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  7. VERTEX Device-Equipment

  8. KGS1632AHD

    Parameters Unit KGS1632AH KGS1632AHR KGS1632AHD Working Surface of Table mm 400×800         (16″×32″) 400×800         (16″×32″) 400×800         (16″×32″) Max.Table Travel mm 850 850 850 Max.Cross Travel mm 440 440 440 Distance Between…

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  9. ρεκτιφιε


      Parameters Unit KGS1224AH KGS1224AHR KGS1224AHD Working Surface of Table mm 300×600         (12″×24″) 300×600         (12″×24″) 300×600         (12″×24″) Max.Table Travel mm 660 660 660 Max.Cross Travel mm 340 340 340 Distance…

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  10. Z3050X16

    Specifications: Item Unit Z3050x16 Max. drilling diameter ( iron/steel) mm 50/35 Distance between spindle center to column max./min mm 1600/360 Spindle box travel on the…

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