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  1. Sliding Bed CNC Lathe

    We have provided all the equipment in machine tools of the new factory Matrix Pack S.A leading company in the manufacture of organic products. Five…

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  2. Newall England Digital Readout Systems

    Newall England Digital Readout Systems    


    New Sale. Lathe HURCO TM10iXP Successfully delivered and set up the new CNC HURCO Lathe at Alfa Machine Kourtoglou S.A in Argos. Always a step…

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  4. Hurco

  5. Tapping Machine Roscamat Tiger

  6. Clients


  7. Installation of CNC

    Successfully delivered and installed in Papadakis Bros store a new CNC lathe from ZMM type C832C in addition to their product line of machines. Some…

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  8. New Sail

    Successfullydelivered andinstalledin theGreekmarketa three-axes grinding surfaceshigh precisionautomaticpillartype, model FSG 2060ADIII  of the houseChevalier. Some ofthe technical anddesign features of themachineare: • Max. grinding capacity1.500mm x…

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  10. HURCO VMX 42Ti Machine Center

    Hurco Press Release / Greece – HURCO Model VMX42ti The Koufos machine shop is a traditional third generation machine shop of Piraues industrial area which is…

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