Main features:

  1. Harden guideway with HRC52
  2. -Convenient and concentrated operation design with rapid feeding device
  3. -Powerful feeding box for heavy turning
  4. -Change gear for special treads realized
  5. -variable spindle bore can be applicable Φ52mm, Φ80mm,Φ104mm
  6. -different standard can be supplied CE/CSA/UL
  7. Different voltage can be supplied for variable areas


Items CA6250A / CA6250B
Max. swing over bed Φ500mm
Max. swing over carriage Φ300mm
Max. swing in gap Φ720mm
Effective gap length 210mm
Max. length of work piece 1000/1500/2000/3000mm
Width of bed 400mm
Section of turning tools 25mm x 25mm
Spindle Spindle speeds 11-1400rpm(24 steps)
Spindle bore Φ52mm(80mm for B type)
Spindle taper MT6
Max. cutting force 13850N
Max. output torque of spindle 1400NM
feed Longitudinal feed of spindle per revolution(64 kinds) Normal 0.08-1.59mm/rev
Fine 0.028-0.054mm/rev
Coarse 1.71-6.33mm/rev
thread Range of metric thread(kinds) 1-192mm (44kinds)
Range of inch threads(kinds) 2-24tpi(21 kinds)
Range of module threads(kinds) 0.25-48 (39 kinds)
Range of diametrical pitch threads (kinds) 1-96DPI (37 kinds)
Quill Travel of tailstock 150mm
Diameter of quill of tailstock Φ75mm
Taper of quill of tailstock MT5
Main motor power 7.5KW
Net weight/Gross Weight (kgs) 1000mm 2100/2800
1500mm 2250/3050
2000mm 2600/3300
3000mm 3450/4000
Packing size(LxWxH mm) 1000mm 2650x1150x1700
1500mm 3150x1150x1700
2000mm 3650x1150x1700
3000mm 4650x1150x1700