Model Items CW6280B/CW6280C
Max. swing over bed Φ800mm
Max. swing over carriage Φ480mm
Max. swing in gap Φ1100mm
Effective gap length 310mm
Max. length of work piece 1500,3000-15000
Spindle bore and nose 104mm,D11(B type); 130mm,D11(C type)
taper of spindle nose 120mm(B type);140mm(C type), Morse No.5
Steps and range of spindle speeds 18 steps5.4-720rpm
Steps and range of longitudinal feeds 64 steps;0.06-24.3mm/r
Longitudinal and cross feed rate 1/2
Rapid speed of carriage 4000mm/min
Pitch of lead screws 12(metric);1/2”(inch system)
Number & range of metric thread 50 types 1-240mm (additional 14 types for irregular type of threads)
Number & range of whitworth thread 26 types 14-1 T.P.I
Number &range of module thread 53 types 0.5-120mm
Number & range of diametrical thread 24 types 28-1
Max. cross travel of lower slide 500mm
Max. travel f top slide 200mm
Max. travel of quill of tailstock 250mm
Taper of quill of tailstock MT5
Width and hardness of bed 600mm RC52
Main motor power 11kw/15kw
rapid motor power 1.1kw
Coolant motor power 90w
Net weight 1500mm 4900kg
3000m 5500kg
4000m 6100kg
5000m 6900kg
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 1500mm 3700x1550x1630mm
3000m 5250x1550x1630mm
4000m 6250x1550x1630mm
5000m 7250x1550x1630mm


Standard accessories:

  1. 3-jaw chuck 315mm
  2. 4-jaw chuck 400mm
  3. Face plate
  4. Steady rest 40-320mm
  5. Follow rest 30-130mm
  6. Centers and center sleeve
  7. Cooling device
  8. Tools
  9. Live center
  10. Halogen working light